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Örnek Resim

kinetics: The Chemical Kinetics Model Builder

The team at CMCL Innovations is now proud to offer kinetics, directly to customers with full support from our experienced technical staff. This tool simplifies the experience of building, designing, maintaining,and applying chemical kinetics reaction models to engineering applications in the automotive/non-road, energy, and chemical processing industries. The kinetics tool enables you to design & develop your own solutions in an efficient, intuitive & flexible environment offering the following benefits and features:

º Efficient evaluation of process performance & emissions/species evolution within various reactor configurations in practical computational times.

º User friendly & intuitive graphical interface, that helps streamline workflow.

º Help & training from our experienced technical support staff.

º State-of-the-art chemical solvers, with access to our library of fuel models.

º Multi-Processor (MPI) support for shorter analysis time-scales.

Recent Additions

º Advanced mechanism viewer enabling full visualisation of mechanism parameters.

º Accompanying training material examples accelerate the learning curve.

º Serial & Parallel batch running & analysis of multiple cases.

º A wide range of analysis tools including Sensitivity Analysis, Design of Experiments, and Particle Animations.

º Construct & simulate parameter sweeps through the use of sub-cases.

º A fully flexible API library compatible with FORTRAN and C++.

º A library of reactors suitable for all your simulation requirements.

Hardware Compatibility

º Full support for Windows Vista, 7, and 8 (for both 32 & 64 bit architectures).

º Full support for distributed network server applications.

º Multiple processing capability distributed as standard.