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Örnek Resim

Chemical Mechanism Development

There are hundreds of chemical kinetic mechanisms of varying levels of detail, designed for multi-purposes or for very specific chemical processes.

Nevertheless these mechanisms may require further refinement/redesign to achieve;

º A faster result through simplification and reduction

º A result more appropriate for your specific applications

º Improvement in their performance based on user experience/experimental data

º The inclusion of further chemical species i.e. NOx, PM, other fuels

These improvements can be carried out directly by customers using our kinetics software tools. However our customers may wish to outsource these development activities to our expert engineers based at CMCL Innovations. If this is the case, please contact us.

Typical Projects

º Advanced chemical model surrogates for diesel or gasoline fuels

º Chemical model surrogates for bio-conventional fuel blends

º Simple chemical model surrogate for diesel fuel for 3D CFD applications

º Advanced chemical model surrogate for dual fuel natural gas/diesel engine applications

º Practical fuel surrogates based on octane number data

º Titanium dioxide and silica material synthasis

Powertrain Simulation & Analysis

Simulation and analysis of complex systems and components is a crucial part of the design and development process, helping to ensure optimal performance while achieving key product aspirations for weight, package size and lifecycle cost. The team at CMCL Innovations have ten years of experience in the application of state-of-the-art analysis processes in design, enabling the implementation of highly innovative solutions to aggressively tight timescales.

º extensive library of CAE models, data, benchmark databases and design guidelines covering a wide range of applications

º access to the advanced suite of cmcl innovation CAE products for powertrain simulation as well as access to leading third party commercial analysis tools

º empirical and physics-based model development for fuels, combustion and emissions

º a decade of experience in producing tailor made solutions as either standalone solutions or plug-ins

º leading scientists and engineers from the world of combustion, chemically reactive flows and fluid dynamics

º software training services

Collaborative R&D

As a technology-intensive, R&D-driven provider of software and services to the scientific and engineering industries, we are actively engaged in collaborative R&D programs in UK/Europe, India, Turkey, Japan and North America.

We are currently leading or participating as a specialised SME partner (small to medium enterprise) within several collaborative R&D programmes managed through the government/innovation calls (e.g., EU frameworks, TSB, DOE, ETI etc.). If you are working on a project or a proposal in areas/themes that cover energy, sustainable chemical processes, carbon abatement, powertrains, fuels, nanomaterials, information communication technology (ICT), data mining, model development and optimisation etc., please get in touch.

Consulting & Project Management Services

With its strong technical expertise and cross-domain experience, CMCL Innovations offers a wide range of consulting services to the industry, governments and academia, worldwide. In performing these services, CMCL Innovations meets customer requirements for shorter development schedules, high quality and reduced costs.

Key Benefits of Working with CMCL

º Access to a world-leading team of experts in mechanical and thermo-fluid analysis with cross-industry experience

º Delivery of fast, robust analysis to support key design decisions reducing testing requirement and problem resolution

º Validated workflow over many years of analysis experience, including quality and process reviews and audits

º Unrivaled experience across many applications within the automotive, clean energy and chemical process industry sectors.

Selected Consulting Projects

º Development of a simulator for analysing knock, misfire and stable engine operation in a dual fueled (CNG/diesel) IC engine a multinational OEM

º Designing a low-cost, ultra-low emission advanced IC engine for the Asian market Engine OEM

º Correlating fuels and IC engine performance characteristics for a variety of engine operation modes a European oil major

º Bespoke software development for an automotive control application a Tier 1 Japanese OEM supplier

º Techno-economic analysis of CO2 utilisation to produce high-value nutraceuticals, commodity chemicals and hydrocarbon fuels [UK government]

º Due diligence and evaluation of proposals for the establishment of a Cleantech Research Centre [Middle East].

Training & Teaching

On-going staff development is critical to maintaining a state-of-the-art workforce. We provide teaching and training to our customers in the following areas;

º IC engine combustion and emissions formation

º Chemical kinetics from fundamentals to practical applications

º Alternative fuelling concepts: biofuels, hydrogen, CNG, fuel-blends and dual fuels

º Autoignition, pre-ignition, knock in IC engines

º Coal and biomass based power generation

º CCS, CCU: CO2 capture, utilisation and storage

º data-driven modelling, uncertainty propagation analysis and surrogate model development

º Optimisation and intelligent design of experiments (DoE)

Examples of Recent Training Events

º A 1-day classroom and and virtual lab-based technical training entitled, Physics-based multi-cycle engine simulations IFP School (France), CTI (Germany), Cambridge University (UK)

º A 2-day on-site (at cmcl innovations) virtual engineering laboratory focusing on the modelling of fuels, combustion and emissions in IC engine applications

º A 1-day client-site technical training module for OEM engineers: Utilising chemical kinetics for powertrain engineering applications delivered at JLR, Toyota, Caterpillar, Navistar etc.

º International Energy Agency (IEA) GHG Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Summer School 2013: Techno-economics of Biomass for Power generation with CCS

º Advanced IC engine modelling: ECO-Engines 2006 Summer School, France.